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31.08.2005, 17:45
I am playing my newly aquired copy of Night of the Raven and i must say I am enjoying it immensly.

Anyway i'm trying to gain access to the thieves guild and i got the quest from Andre to get into the milita, but i got into the milita through Martin that guards the paladins crates on the docks (new for NOTR?).
So I became a member of the milita without doing the thieves guild quest, but i would still like to do it, but i need to do the "Baltrams Shipment" or "The False Messenger" to gain access (I have already done "Something's
Fishy", "Gold for a Merchant" and "A Brazen Thief").
But when i talked to Nagur he said he would not talk to a guard, and now i have no dialogue options when i talk to him, what do i do?

Unless there is some other way to trigger the assassin to appear?

Thanks in advance.


I tried to search before making this post but i only got german results, so forgive me if this has been posted before.

James Bond
31.08.2005, 18:21
(new for NOTR?)
Yeah, Martin was not there in G2.
The problem ist that Nagur saw you in your militia clothes, so you are supposed to be his enemy.

However there is still a way to get access to the thieves guild. Talk with Hakon (Merchant at the market in Khorinis) about some robbers in the wood. Afterwards go to this cave (http://mondgesaenge.de/G2DB/index.htm?data=data_orte.js&id=o_25). There you will find a strange fish, which you can open in the inventory. You will recieve a letter about a letter accusing the merchant Halvor at the port. Talk to Halvor and afterwards to Lord Andre and tell him about Halvor. Then go to the "restaurant" at the port, and Kardiff will inform you, that there is a man looking for you - Attila, the assassin.

PS: Welcome to World of Gothic §wink

31.08.2005, 18:23
Thank you, however I have already done this quest and i didn't turn him in =(

Is it illegal to alter stuff in save files? if not is it possible to do this and maybe remove some tag that says i did the quest, and maybe do it again?

James Bond
31.08.2005, 18:33
Well, if it was possible, it would be quite complicated.

But if you really want to reach the thieves guild, you could enter a cheat to recieve the key, you need to get access to their Hq.
To do that, you just have to type:
insert ItKe_ThiefguildKey_Mis

Now the key lies in front of the hero.

After that, you jump into the water, swim to the left, until you see a door, leading in the Khorinis-underground (the key opens that door).

edit: Oh damn... Jaden's right :)

31.08.2005, 20:04
..swim to the left..
Actually, to the right. ;) (From harbor.)

31.08.2005, 20:17
Thanks guys, i have actually done it tons of times, but i never messed it up before.

Guess i have to cheat :P

06.10.2006, 01:07
If you DON'T want to cheat, you can go to merchant Jora, and he will tell you that Rengary stole his gold. Once he says that, tell him that you will help to get it back. After that go to Rengaru and choose: "Jora says you've got his gold" and then he's going to say: "Oh no! I'm out of here" and he'll run, (he'll stop in the field near the baracks.) then you can turn him into the militia.

06.10.2006, 09:10
You also can try to ask Kardif for the special job and he will send you to Nagur (it worked even in mitilia clothes somehow, maybe bug) then you should get the quest 'false messenger'

06.10.2006, 14:29
ehmm guys I guess this thread is more than 1 year old. Hints arn't needed anymore.

06.10.2006, 15:11
Dito Sowilo!