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03.07.2005, 11:41
I have a question for you. Say an alchemist is selling a potion of dexterity in chapter one. If I speak to Lord Hagen and progress to chapter two, will the new potions avaliable at the alchemists stack with his old stock, or will it all be replaced? I.e. would the potion of dexterity be lost to me if I don't purchase it before going to chapter two? (this is just an example, I can afford any potion in chapter one).

03.07.2005, 11:48
You could still buy the potion in the next chapter as the traders keep most of their goods.

Only some standart Items the hero probably sold them and does not need any more are removed.

This socalled "junk trade inventory" that is cleared contains:

Orcish Axes
Heavy Branches
Valuables (silver plates, golden rings...)
and some more or less useless plants (swamp herb, Blueplant, Mushrooms)