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02.07.2005, 22:44
Please help me translating the quests for the english version of the Gothic I Database. ;)
I need the exact english quest titles, therefore I translated them verbatim from German to English. Please read them through and correct them or add those I missed.

1st chapter

• Aaron’s chest – Old mine
• Displacement of Ghorim – sect’s camp, knock Harlok out to help Ghorim
• Thorus’ mission – Old Camp
• Balor’s weapon – Free mine
• The stranger – in German you get the quest inside the ‘fogtower’ or ‘misty tower’ I’d need this translation as well
• The swampweed vendor – New Camp, sell Baal Isidro’s swampweed
• The swampweed harvest – sect’s camp, you have to collect all the swampweed and deliver it to Cor Kalom
• Horatio the farmer – New Camp
• Canvassing – New Camp, help Baal Kagan to distribute swampweed
• Lurker at the dike – New Camp
• New souls for the brotherhood – sect’s camp, find a new novice
• New fence for Fisk – Old Camp, after driving Mordrag out of the Old Camp
• Test of trust/faith – Old Camp, from Diego
• Formula/Recipe of the sect – Old Camp, from Dexter
• Shrike’s hut – New Camp, drive Shrike out of his hut
• Snaf’s recipe – Old Camp, from the cook Snaf
• Ulbert’s warehouse – Old mine
• Missing Guard – Old Camp, from Sly
• Delivering water for Lefty – New Camp, from Lefty

• Admission to the Old Camp
• Admission to the New Camp
• Admission to the sect

• The secret of the brotherhood – either from Raven or Lares, find out more about the brotherhood

• The swampweed monopoly – sect’s camp, from Cor Kalom
• Swampweed for Gomez – sect’s camp, from Cor Kalom, bring swampweed to the Old Camp

2nd chapter

• The almanac
• Focus for the gurus
• The secretion of the minecrawlers

3rd chapter

• The New Camp’s plan to break out – sect’s camp, from Cor Angar
• The focus in the mountain fortress
• The focus in the cloistral ruins
• The focus in the troll canyon
• The focus beneath Stonehenge
• Healing herbs for Y’Berion
• Assistance of the firemages
• The orc graveyard
• The search for the foci
• Banishment from the Old Camp

4th chapter

• The meeting – tell Lester and Gorn that the four friends want to meet
• The banished orc shaman – from Xardas, you meet Ur Shak
• Crawler Plate Armor – from Wolf
• Search for the ULU-MULU
• Xardas the darkmage

5th chapter

• The magic sword URIZIEL
• A way into the sleeper’s temple

6th chapter

• The sleeper awakes

If you're unsure about any of the titles don't hesitate to ask for further explanations. I'll try to give you as many details about it as you need to guess which one I mean.

Just check your questlog for all the finished/unfinished missions and copy them for me as I'll be unable to finish this otherwise. :(

And I have two more questions:

I know that those working in the old mine are called diggers, but in the German version the guys working in the free mine are called differently, something like prospector, what is their exact translation?

What is the translation for the magic scroll you can use to placate others that attack you? For example you can get this scroll from Baal Kagan as reward for his quest and use it on Roscoe, Lester's bodyguard, to make him think kind about you.

Thanks for your help, Morgause

02.07.2005, 23:52
I cant help you I'm afraid, but I would strongly recommend you NicoDE who is a former member of Piranha Bytes and surely able to get you the English scripts.
Or you try and contact Fizzban who was afair in charge of the translation of WoG into English and afair told me that he got the English version of the Gothic scripts either.
With the scripts you could easily look up each and every word that is said or written in the entire game (and even more).

03.07.2005, 03:10
Hey ! :D
Um about your Last Questions ...
The first one : The workers in the Free Mine are Called "Scrapers"
The second one : I think you're talking about the spell "Charm"

about the Quests I'll check everything for you as soon as I can but not today coz it's 4:10 Am and if my dad finds out i'm awake he'll kill me !
I'll check em soon and post here , that's if I make it in time coz someone might get your ansewrs b4 me .. anyway ... :p lol see ya later

03.07.2005, 10:04
1st chapter:

But first "New fence for Fisk – Old Camp, after driving Mordrag out of the Old Camp" what the? does it even exist? I've never seen it :D

The Stranger - Chromanin story
The Swampweed Harvest - 100 swampweed to Cor Kalom
Ghorim's Replacement
Shrike's Hut
The Weed Merchant - should be Baal Isidro's quest
Canvassing of Customers - Baal Kagan's thing
Baloro's Weapon
Lurker at the Dam
Horatio the Peasant
Water Carrier for Lefty
Ulbert's Storeshed
Aaron's Chest
Snaf's Recipe
New Souls for the Brotherhood
Recipe of the Sect - Get it from Dexter
Vanished Guard - from Sly
Test of Faith - Mine List thing
Thorus' Quest - Mordrag thing
(and Admissions to Sect, New and Old Camp.)
Edit: After joining New or Old Camp, you get the quest called "The Big Thing of the Brotherhood"

That was all for now. Hope I have been useful :)

03.07.2005, 10:53
First of all big thanks to you §knutsch - the first chapter is now complete except for the strange thing with Fisk and I'd need someone who joined the sect for the last two questtitles on the list.

And talking about Fisk - I found that rather starnage too, maybe it's time the oxford dictionary checked it's translations for accuracy... :rolleyes:

Anyway, as I pointed out you only get the quest if you killed or at least knocked out Mordrag to solve Thorus' quest (which means you didn't follow him to the New Camp). Then Fisk should address you soon enough and give this quest to you. To solve it you have to enter the New Camp and talk to Shrike who'll then take Mordrag's place as smuggler in the Old Camp.

Maybe now any of you knows what I'm talking about...

Thanks again and if you guys manage to get the titles thing done I'm able to finish the translation by today too, Morgause

03.07.2005, 12:29
Oh, well.. here are two Sect Camp quests.

Taking Weed to Gomez
The Weed Monopoly

Edit: I think I'll try that Fisk business then. At least something new, that I haven't seen so far.

03.07.2005, 13:02
Oh, well.. here are two Sect Camp quests.

Taking Weed to Gomez
The Weed Monopoly

Edit: I think I'll try that Fisk business then. At least something new, that I haven't seen so far.

me either. Can you tell me what it is?

03.07.2005, 13:07
me either. Can you tell me what it is?
During the Thorus' quest, kill/beat up Mordrag. Then see Fisk.

03.07.2005, 13:19
During the Thorus' quest, kill/beat up Mordrag. Then see Fisk.

I usually kil mordrag, and take all his stuff. So when i do i shoud look for fisk. Ok thanks :D ;)

03.07.2005, 16:04
2nd Chapter:
-Focus for the Gurus
-Secretion of the Minecrawlers
(I've checked, in the 2nd chapter you wrote most of it right )

3rd Chapter:
-Escape plan of the New camp
-Focus in the Mountain Fort
-Focus in the Monastery Ruins
-Focus in the Troll Canyon
-Focus under the Ring of Stone
-Medicinal Herbs for Y'Berion
-Aid of the Magicians of fire
-Orc Cemetery
-The Search for the focus Stones
-Banishment from the Old camp

4rth Chapter:
-The Meeting
-The Banished Orc Shaman
-Minecrawler's Plate Armor
-Search for the ULU-MULU
-Xardas the Necromancer

5th Chapter:
-The Magic Sword URIZIEL
-Way into the Sleeper's Temple

6th Chapter:
-The Awakening of the Sleeper

(The Last two Question you asked, I already ansewred them in my first post here, "Scrapers" and "Charm")

Hope I've been of assistance :D

03.07.2005, 17:56
Thanks to you all everything is finished now.

Just two minor problems remain: :p

I still don't know the title of this strange Fisk quest,

and I still have absolutely no idea what this tower where you find the first and last of the Chromanin volumes is called (though I admid it's more like a vault). In German it's something like foggy/misty tower or fog/mist tower but I don't even know when the tower's name is mentioned in the game. Maybe you could just find it in the questlog for the quest 'The stranger'...

And to answer your question: Yes you've been of great assistance :D, Morgause

03.07.2005, 18:12
Fog Tower

03.07.2005, 21:12
Yup , Fog Tower ! :D
I'll work on the Fisk quest right away Morgause, as soon as I finish posting some stuff in the forums.. :D see ya then

Edit: well I defeated Mordrag and Fisk didn't stop me :confused:

04.07.2005, 12:54
Then maybe the quest isn't implemented in the english version or maybe ... well, honestly I have absolutely no clue why it didn't work. With the german version it does.

Anyway, I'll send the translations to RoiDanton then and leave the problem with Fisk to him :D.

Thx again, Morgause