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12.02.2005, 20:22
In Gothic II i cant find an empty rune stone...!!!
Where can i find one....???? §wall

13.02.2005, 00:38
§welcome at WoG

If you became a magician Parlan will give you one. In the monastary Gorax sells every chapter one or two of them.
You can get some rune stones as reward for completing these quests:
- The path of believers (by Pyrokar)
- Fernando's business (by Fernando)
- Snapper's claws (by Lutero)
- Lurker Hunt (by Kerves)
- I gotta get out of here (by Talbin)

If you ask milten in Chapter 2 for stuff, he will give you another rune stone.
In Xardas old tower in the valley of mines you can also find a rune stone.

10.03.2008, 20:21
Can runestones/runes be inserted?

10.03.2008, 21:14
Yes, type "insert ItMi_RuneBlank" in the console and press Enter to insert a runestone. Or use another insert-code for other runes:
runes from G2 Classic (http://www.worldofgothic.com/gothic2/?go=insert_g2runen)
runes from Notr (http://www.worldofgothic.com/gothic2/?go=insert_addonrunen)

10.03.2008, 21:19
Can runestones/runes be inserted?

Yes, here are some insert codes:

And for the future, stop that thread archeology, further posts like that (man,... the last post is from 13.02.2005 (!!!)) will be deleted.
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