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09.08.2007, 12:55
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Download auf PES, Screenshots, Description... (http://planetelderscrolls.gamespy.com/View.php?view=Mods.Detail&id=5730)

This mod allows Telvanni players to expand Tel Uvirith into a town ...

In total, this mod contains 20 construction options to keep a player busy, including:
-Throne room: Contains a teleport ring for a quick return to Tel Uvirith.
-Jail Cells: Lockable cells in Tel Uvirith's Dungeon.
-Alchemy Nest: A place to store ingredients. You can also buy ingredient pots/sorters.
-Tinker's Lab: Repair your damaged/destroyed robots.
-City Wall: Protect the town with a gated perimeter fence.
-Silt Strider Port: for transport to and from the town.
-Marketplace: Contains several service NPCs.
-Manor district: Homes for wealthy NPCs.
-Mining office: Establish a mining industry and reap the profits.
-An inn, The Rusty Bucket: NPCs from your other factions will show up here to offer you faction-based buildings and services. This includes: A Cult Shrine, a Tribunal Temple, a Morag Tong Guild House, a Legion Keep, a thief's hideout, a mage who improves alchemy apparatus, a Twin Lamps base (through a quest) and a Fighters Guild training house complete with practice dummy.