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02.10.2017, 18:55
Piranha Bytes on RocketBeansTV

While the language of the interview is German, English subtitles are available in the form of automatic translation via Youtube-preferences.

Full News: https://worldofelex.de/en/site/news-archive/11-news-en/586-piranha-bytes-on-rocketbeanstv

Feel free to use the thread for discussions about any and every news on the site.

Furthermore, suggestions for news on the site are welcome, too §wink

03.10.2017, 01:23
WorldofElex-Interview with Piranha Bytes

Here it is, our own interview with Piranha Bytes from Gamescom 2017.

Full News: https://www.worldofelex.de/en/site/news-archive/11-news-en/587-worldofelex-interview-with-piranha-bytes

03.10.2017, 01:53
Photographs of THQ Nordic's stand

These photos were made to give an impression to all the fans of Elex that were not able to visit the Gamescom 2017 in Cologne.

Full News: https://www.worldofelex.de/en/site/news-archive/11-news-en/588-photographs-of-thq-nordic-s-stand

03.10.2017, 02:55
More Gameplay-Videos

We would like to share with you two gameplay-videos of Elex made at Gamescom 2017 in Cologne.

Full News: https://www.worldofelex.de/en/site/news-archive/11-news-en/589-more-gameplay-videos

03.10.2017, 03:52
Preview by Gamersglobal

German Online-Magazine gamersglobal.de has published a preview of Elex about their impressions of the game from Gamescom 2017.

Full News: https://www.worldofelex.de/en/site/news-archive/11-news-en/590-preview-by-gamersglobal

03.10.2017, 04:20
Elex wins BÄM! Award

The official Elex-Site on Facebook has anounced, that Piranha Bytes' upcoming RPG has won the "BÄM Award" in the category of "Most Wanted PC Game".

Full News: https://www.worldofelex.de/en/site/news-archive/11-news-en/591-elex-wins-b%C3%A4m-award

07.10.2017, 03:32
4K-Screenshots from Gamescom

We have got 25 new Elex-Screenshots in 4K from Gamescom 2017 for you that show combat and different locations in the game.

Full News: https://www.worldofelex.de/en/site/news-archive/11-news-en/598-4k-screenshots-from-gamescom

07.10.2017, 04:40
More German Gamescom-Previews

There are three more German Gamescom-Previews on Elex from PC Games Hardware, Playmoments.de and Xbox Passion.

Full News: https://www.worldofelex.de/en/site/news-archive/11-news-en/599-more-german-gamescom-previews

20.12.2017, 15:07
I enter a nickname and a password! And how to register on the site!? (https://www.worldofelex.de/ru/)

25.12.2017, 01:09
Registration on the site is deactivated at the moment.