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29.05.2016, 18:17

Hello and welcome to the English side of World of Elex forums! Come closer and join us by the fire, open a beer or a soda, and let's talk about everything Elex!

Who are we?

World of Players is a German network of forums and websites, built and maintained by hardcore fans of gaming. That said, we like to stress our independence from any commercial interests. This forum is run and administered by fans neither aligned with publisher nor developer. A fact which makes it particularly suited for exchanging different views and opinions. Anyway, we very much hope you will like it here and feel invited to visit us many times.

World of Piranha Bytes consists of our social media accounts, and are dedicated to all Piranha Bytes games. Feel free to check them out for awesome oldies and exclusives. Follow us there to keep in touch with the latest news. So bookmark the following links:

World of Elex (http://worldofelex.com/)
World of Piranha Bytes @ Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/WorldOfPiranhaBytes)
World of Piranha Bytes @ YouTube (https://www.youtube.com/user/WorldOfPiranhaBytes/)

Why stay here?

We aim to provide an open and relaxed atmosphere with the prospect of direct contacts both to the developer Piranha Bytes and Nordic Games' community manager. Don't believe us? Feel free to ask your own questions (http://forum.worldofplayers.de/forum/threads/1442310-Piranha-Bytes-Question-and-Answer-Thread) directly to the Piranhas!


There are a lot of rules which you could be asked to follow, but they all boil down to this: be kind.

In forums, people with completely different opinions are meeting each other. So tolerance is the most important requirement. Behave friendly and treat everyone with respect. Just because you cannot see another person does not mean that he or she is not a human being which can be hurt or offended.

Moderators can be identified by the orange stars and usertitle below their names. Their task is to ensure the peaceful cooperation of all forums members. Their work is voluntary and requires a lot of effort. We ask you to support them and accept their decisions.

You are free to post your opinion wherever your want and to open new threads. When creating new threads, make sure to choose a meaningful title. If you want to express moods, please make use of smilies.
Statements that are racist, sexist or glorify violence will not be tolerated and may result in an exclusion from this forum.

Furthermore, links to webpages with prohibited content or content that is not suitable for certain user groups are not allowed either. You are also not allowed to post links to pages with a commercial purpose.

Just one more thing...
That being said, feel free to enjoy yourself and meet the great people around. Enjoy your stay! §prost