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28.02.2006, 00:11
I am playing as a mage and have learned the 2nd circle, but cant use the Ice Lance rune. the animation is like i was out of mana. i do get mana reduction, but nothing is shot.
Has anyone had a similar problem? am i doing something wrong?
plz tell me ho wcan i resolve this problem.


p.s. i have tried to make another rune, didnt help. all onter spells work ok but not this 1 :confused:

28.02.2006, 00:39
Hi and §welcome to the forum!

Maybe you have not enough mana, you need at least 20 mana points to cast an Ice Lance.
Or some spells need some time, so maybe you can try to push AND hold the buuton to cast the spell.

28.02.2006, 00:40
§welcome minbor

That's strange are you sure you have enough mana?
It's probably a bug:(

28.02.2006, 01:02
thanks for replies, but im still stick with nonworking spell.
its probably a bug becauze the same result is for the rune and the scroll exept that i lose 20mana whe use rune and 5 with scroll.
still, do u know any way to solve this? §gnah

28.02.2006, 01:33
Maybe a reinstall could help, to do so:

First of all, make a backup of your save-games.
(To do so, go to the Gothic-folder, copy the "Saves"-Folder and paste it, i.e. on the desktop).

- Reinstall the game:

Uninstall the game, delete also manually the game folder, restart the PC and install the game new.

Then copy your savegames back.

28.02.2006, 09:34
thanks for replies, but im still stick with nonworking spell.
its probably a bug

Before you assume it is a bug (I don't think it is a bug) or consider "reinstalling" the game, make sure you haven't overlooked something. Do you have prior experience in using magic runes in Gothic games?

If not, try again. Raise your mana (maybe by equipping special items like rings or an amulet) and do it again. Some spells work only after some time, so it needs more than pressing a key once. Look for an easy target well in your sight and focus it. Good luck.

28.02.2006, 10:40
How come that noone asks which version he plays?
I got v2.6 and have no problems with Ice Lance. (besides the graphic doesn't look like a lance at all :()

28.02.2006, 11:18
problem solved.
reinstalling the game worked