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  1. [NEWS] PC Games releases the sneak peek video officially
  2. [NEWS] RISEN fanart calendar
  3. [NEWS] Second Mood Clip released
  4. [NEWS] Third RISEN Mood Clip released
  5. [NEWS] New Moodvideo at GameTrailers.com
  6. [NEWS] RISEN fan site kit available
  7. [NEWS] Two new interviews of Piranha Bytes co-founders
  8. [NEWS] Interview with Björn, Stefan and Mattias
  9. [NEWS] Information about the interface
  10. [NEWS] Official RISEN experience website launched
  11. [NEWS] Collector's Edition confirmed
  12. [NEWS] Interview with Björn Pankratz by PC Games
  13. [NEWS] Nosepicking Gnome steps into reality
  14. [NEWS] Screenshot Friday started
  15. [NEWS] Release date for Germany officially confirmed
  16. [NEWS] GameStar: 55 new screenshots
  17. [NEWS] Screenshot Friday #2
  18. [NEWS] Worldwide release at 2nd of October 2009
  19. [NEWS] International release date 2009-10-02 officially confirmed
  20. [NEWS] Small preview of RISEN in the Official Xbox Magazine
  21. [NEWS] Beastiary: The Skeletons
  22. [NEWS] Two new music samples from RISEN
  23. [NEWS] Screenshot Friday #5
  24. [NEWS] Copy protection: RISEN without DRM!
  25. [NEWS] Beastiary: The Sea Volchers
  26. [NEWS] Screenshot Friday #6
  27. [NEWS] Report from the Deep Silver community BBQ
  28. [NEWS] New RISEN trailer released
  29. [NEWS] Beastiary: The Wolf
  30. [NEWS] Piranha-Club closes its doors
  31. [NEWS] Deep Silver started a RISEN blog at IGN
  32. [NEWS] English voice actors revealed at IMDB
  33. [NEWS] System requirements for RISEN announced
  34. [NEWS] EuroGamer: Demo before release confirmed
  35. [NEWS] Screenshot Friday #7
  36. [NEWS] Age ratings for North America and Europe
  37. [NEWS] Preview @ HookedGamers
  38. [NEWS] gamescom: Play RISEN and see PB live
  39. [NEWS] Piranha Club has RISEN from the dead
  40. [NEWS] RISEN cover unveiled
  41. [NEWS] Short stories from the island #2
  42. [NEWS] Merchandising shop opened
  43. [NEWS] Over 20 new screenshots
  44. [NEWS] Loading screens
  45. [NEWS] Screenshot Friday #8
  46. [NEWS] Screenshots of the Xbox360 version
  47. [NEWS] New screenshots at PC Games
  48. [NEWS] 400 new screenshots
  49. [NEWS] RISEN banned in Australia
  50. [NEWS] Short stories from the island #3
  51. [NEWS] Beastiary: The boars
  52. [NEWS] Enhanced screenshots in wallpaper quality
  53. [NEWS] French gameplay videos
  54. [NEWS] English voice acting cast confirmed
  55. [NEWS] RISEN-Preview at Destructoid
  56. [NEWS] Screenshot comparison - with and without depth of field
  57. [NEWS] Screenshot Friday #9
  58. [NEWS] Collector's Edition content
  59. [NEWS] First video from GamesCom
  60. [NEWS] Risen INTRO!
  61. [NEWS] New video from GameStar
  62. [NEWS] New screens from UGDB.com
  63. [NEWS] Short story from the island #5
  64. [NEWS] Next part of the Experience Website
  65. [NEWS] [gamescom 2009] Interview with Quy Hoang
  66. [NEWS] Interview with english story author Andy Walsh
  67. [NEWS] Screenshot Friday #10
  68. [NEWS] RISEN available as multilingual version
  69. [NEWS] RISEN preview at RPGWatch
  70. [NEWS] New hero will be shown at the 3rd of September
  71. [NEWS] Video interview with Kai Rosenkranz
  72. [NEWS] List of the "achievements" published
  73. [NEWS] New RISEN hero unveiled!
  74. [NEWS] UK only: Win a 40" TV, surround sound system and RISEN
  75. [NEWS] New music snippet available
  76. [NEWS] New poster available
  77. [NEWS] RISEN gamer's day in London
  78. [NEWS] Screenshot Friday #11
  79. [NEWS] [gamescom] RISEN presentation at GameReactor
  80. [NEWS] Interview with Mike Hoge
  81. [NEWS] Story №7 - Master of Blade
  82. [NEWS] More content for RISEN packages announced
  83. [NEWS] Screenshot Friday #12
  84. [NEWS] Copy protection: DVD in drive only at game start
  85. [NEWS] RISEN is gold!
  86. [NEWS] Screenshot Friday #13
  87. [NEWS] Update to the copy protection
  88. [NEWS] Xbox360 version delayed?
  89. [NEWS] Fred's Blog
  90. [NEWS] Two new contest for all creative people
  91. [NEWS] New poster
  92. [NEWS] Now we do the testing!
  93. [NEWS] 9th short story from the island
  94. [NEWS] RISEN production has begun
  95. [NEWS] Russian site shows gameplay video
  96. [NEWS] First english RISEN review
  97. [NEWS] New teaser preview released
  98. [NEWS] Screenshot Friday #14
  99. [NEWS] RISEN at Steam
  100. [NEWS] Part 2 of the RISEN production
  101. [NEWS] The Risen Test by World of Risen
  102. [NEWS] RISEN Release Trailer
  103. [NEWS] RISEN demo released!
  104. [NEWS] Warning! Broken demo!
  105. [NEWS] Review at EuroGamer
  106. [NEWS] Review at RealGamer
  107. [NEWS] Xbox360 review at Games Xtreme
  108. [NEWS] Xbox360 review at VideoGamer.com
  109. [NEWS] Review at Gamesradar.com
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  111. [NEWS] Xbox360 review at All About The Games
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  113. [NEWS] Review at Resolution Magazine
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  115. [NEWS] Early impressions at IGN
  116. [NEWS] RISEN in graphic cards benchmark
  117. [NEWS] More reviews coming up
  118. [NEWS] Solution for the problem with Geforce 7 cards in sight
  119. [NEWS] RISEN review by TheGo
  120. [NEWS] Xbox360 review by ConsoleObsession
  121. [NEWS] Risen reviews rising
  122. [NEWS] Hotfix 1.01 repairs grey veil bug
  123. [NEWS] Reviews at TheEscapist and ComputerAndVideoGames.com
  124. [NEWS] Review by GameObserver.com
  125. [NEWS] More RISEN reviews
  126. [NEWS] Review @ TechArena.in
  127. [NEWS] Reviews: allpcgame.net and xboxgaming.co.za
  128. [NEWS] Reviews: GameSpot, FemaleGamers.co.uk, Games32.com
  129. [NEWS] Reviews: College News, Crispy Gamer, Cheat Code Central
  130. [NEWS] Reviews: GameObserver, ConsoleMonster, MyGaming, ActionTrip, ButtonMasher
  131. [NEWS] "Risen Report" by Rock, Paper, Shotgun
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  135. [NEWS] Reviews: GameOver, VideoGamesSuck, GamerNode, HiScore
  136. [NEWS] Reviews: Gamebanshee, Othergames, ITreviews, Computergames.ro
  137. [NEWS] Contest: Girlfriend for a Gnome
  138. [NEWS] Patch under construction
  139. [NEWS] Winners of the community contest
  140. [NEWS] RISEN themepack for Windows 7
  141. [NEWS] New Tutorial from PB: Creation of the icons
  142. [NEWS] New reviews of the Xbox version
  143. [NEWS] More Xbox reviews (GamingUnion, GamingEvolution)
  144. [NEWS] Design your own RISEN icons!
  145. [NEWS] Two more reviews of the Xbox360 version
  146. [NEWS] Patch 1.10 for Risen released
  147. [NEWS] More Xbox reviews: GameZone and PopMatters
  148. [NEWS] Xbox reviews: XboxAddict and AeropauseGames
  149. [NEWS] Easteregg-Search
  150. [NEWS] Risen Mod Starter - now with online database
  151. [NEWS] More Xbox reviews (GamingBits, Gaming Dead)
  152. [NEWS] Winners of the easter egg search
  153. [NEWS] Risen nominated for the Golden Joystick Awards 2010
  154. [NEWS] Translated profiles available
  155. [NEWS] Two more profiles (Tristan and Jenny)
  156. [NEWS] Piranha Bytes is looking for a programmer
  157. [NEWS] Two more profiles
  158. [NEWS] Piranha Bytes searches for further reinforcement
  159. [NEWS] Profiles for Marc and Horst
  160. [NEWS] Risen 2 to be announced at the gamescom?
  161. [NEWS] Piranha profiles: Milad and Jann
  162. [NEWS] Risen 2 officially confirmed
  163. [NEWS] Piranha profiles: Jennifer and Kurt
  164. [NEWS] Piranha Bytes searches for further reinforcement
  165. [NEWS] Two more profiles: Mario and Sascha
  166. [NEWS] Piranha profiles: Michael Rüve and Philipp
  167. [NEWS] Profiles continued: Mike Hoge and Andre Braun
  168. [NEWS] Only this weekend: Risen for 15 Euro at Steam
  169. [NEWS] Steam sale apparently a big success
  170. [NEWS] Steam: Another chance at Risen für 15 Euro
  171. [NEWS] Jowood sues Koch Media
  172. [NEWS] Jowood files for bankruptcy
  173. [NEWS] Risen wins Gold in Germany a second time
  174. [NEWS] Music in Risen 2 composed by Bastian Seelbach?
  175. [NEWS] Risen 2: First informations at the 19th of Febuary, 2011
  176. [NEWS] Teaser website launched
  177. [NEWS] Risen 2: First impressions
  178. [NEWS] Summary of the article in the PC Games 3/11
  179. [NEWS] Risen 2 confirmed for Xbox360 and PS3
  180. [NEWS] Gamespot: First look on Risen 2
  181. [NEWS] Another GDC preview of Risen 2 (IGN)
  182. [NEWS] First screenshots now available at WoR
  183. [NEWS] ZGR: Video report about Risen 2
  184. [NEWS] More articles about Risen 2
  185. [NEWS] DualShockers: GDC look on Risen 2
  186. [NEWS] igromania.ru: Interview with Mike Hoge
  187. [NEWS] gothicz.net: Interview with Mike Hoge
  188. [NEWS] Logo concepts at the Volta blog
  189. [NEWS] Modding: Summary, inofficial patch and more
  190. [NEWS] Mysterious countdown
  191. [NEWS] The Risen 2 trailer is available!
  192. [NEWS] GDC Interview with Daniel Oberlerchner at Gametrailers
  193. [NEWS] Risen 2 at the RPC 2011?
  194. [NEWS] Risen 2 at the E3 in Los Angeles
  195. [NEWS] Interview with Level Designer Sascha Henrichs
  196. [NEWS] Why Risen 2 will be better - interview with Mike and Daniel
  197. [NEWS] Eurogamer: Why Piranha Bytes dumped JoWood
  198. [NEWS] New screenshots with monsters and rifles
  199. [NEWS] World of Risen in a new outfit
  200. [NEWS] Gamersglobal talks with Björn Pankratz
  201. [NEWS] GameReactor-Interview with Daniel Oberlerchner
  202. [NEWS] PC Games: Interview with Michael Rüve about JoWood
  203. [NEWS] GameStar Risen 2 Preview
  204. [NEWS] GameStar: Interview with Mike Hoge
  205. [NEWS] GameStar Preview translation available!
  206. [NEWS] New info on 7th of June!
  207. [NEWS] Steelbeard's Treasure on starboard!
  208. [NEWS] Gamona talks with Björn Pankratz
  209. [NEWS] New screenshots for the E3
  210. [NEWS] Our Risen 2 preview
  211. [NEWS] Screenshots: Finally some women!
  212. [NEWS] World of Risen talks with Björn Pankratz
  213. [NEWS] Release timeframe officially confirmed
  214. [NEWS] E3: Interview with Daniel Oberlerchner
  215. [NEWS] E3: The preview flood is coming
  216. [NEWS] First pictures in motion from Risen 2
  217. [NEWS] Risen 2 with antialiasing
  218. [NEWS] More previews: Joystiq, RPGamer, Gaming Nexus
  219. [NEWS] More previews: gamesradar, Spong
  220. [NEWS] Even more previews: Atomic Gamer, GameFocus, Gamertag Radio, RPGSite
  221. [NEWS] The new Risen 2 Fact List is here!
  222. [NEWS] GamingLives: Risen 2 Preview and Interview with Daniel Oberlerchner
  223. [NEWS] July Calendar by Arthus of Kap Dun
  224. [NEWS] Multiplayer.it: E3 video interview with Daniel Oberlerchner
  225. [NEWS] Gothic-Mod for Risen released
  226. [NEWS] Risen - now also in Turkish
  227. [NEWS] More than 5 loading zones/islands in Risen 2?
  228. [NEWS] Risen 2 will come with DRM
  229. [NEWS] Desktop calendar by Arthus: August!
  230. [NEWS] Play Risen 2 at the gamescom!
  231. [NEWS] Copy protection FAQ for Risen 2
  232. [NEWS] Björn Pankratz interviewed by rpgcodex.net
  233. [NEWS] New design and content on Risen 2 homepage
  234. [NEWS] GameStar.ru: Interview with Björn Pankratz
  235. [NEWS] gamescom report by foobar
  236. [NEWS] Sascha Henrichs leaves Piranha Bytes
  237. [NEWS] IGN preview: A Pirate's Life In Risen 2
  238. [NEWS] New Previews: VideoGamer, DailyJoypad, StrategyInformer, EuroGamer, VG24/7
  239. [NEWS] StrategyInformer speaks with Daniel Oberlerchner
  240. [NEWS] Gnome as crew member
  241. [NEWS] The Making of Risen 2 - Part 1
  242. [NEWS] Web-Lore: The Isle of Thieves
  243. [NEWS] Piranha Bytes looking for programmers
  244. [NEWS] Bio: Captain Steelbeard on TeamXbox
  245. [NEWS] Risen 2 - Release at the 27th of April, 2012
  246. [NEWS] New Captian Steelbeard mini-bio
  247. [NEWS] Web-Lore: Pirates
  248. [NEWS] Making of Risen 2: Part 2
  249. [NEWS] Steam holiday sale: Risen 50% off
  250. [NEWS] Piranha Bytes is hiring again: Level designer