Welcome to the World of Players. We hope you enjoy your stay and are able to find answers to your questions and to make new friends. To make sure nothing goes wrong, we have collected a few advices about how to make this place amicable for everyone.

In forums, people with completely different opinions are meeting each other. So tolerance is the most important requirement. Behave friendly and treat everyone with respect. Just because you cannot see another person does not mean that he or she is not a human being which can be hurt or offended.

Moderators can be identified by the orange stars and usertitle below their names. Their task is to ensure the peaceful cooperation of all forums members. Their work is voluntary and requires a lot of effort. We ask you to support them and accept their decisions.

You are free to post your opinion wherever your want and to open new threads. When creating new threads, make sure to choose a meaningful title. If you want to express moods, please make use of smilies.

The so-called "Spamming" is undesired. Try to write whole sentences and only post a reply if you have actually something to say. By the way, senseless spamming can be punished by deletion of the counter.

Statements that are racist, sexist or glorify violence will not be tolerated and may result in an exclusion from this forum. Furthermore, links to webpages with prohibited content or content that is not suitable for certain user groups are not allowed either. You are also not allowed to post links to pages with a commercial purpose. You may only put links to your page in your signature or in the FanPage thread.

The unauthorized "Copying" of signatures or avatars created by other users is also undesired.

If you want to present pictures, please keep in mind that there still users that use a modem to visit our forums. If your images or files are too huge, it is better to just to link them.

The permitted size of the avatars and signatures is limited. Make sure to know and respect the limits.

Enough rules? Then start to surf away. The other forums members will surely help you in the beginning so you will feel just like home in no time.