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    Welcome, mysterious wanderers!

    In this thread (which I created by request of our user Danbona), we try to collect more or less secret locations in Risen. Places that are easy to miss and require a special effort (i.e. climbing, levitation, etc.) to reach. Ideally, places where something interesting can be found.

    I'll start with this one:

    Doyle's hidden camp


    It's a hidden camp where you can find Doyle after you let him escape from the Harbour City. To reach this place, go from the western volcano grotto straight forward past the swamp farmer. Then stay left and climb up at the first possibility and walk a bit back until you can see the swamp farmer's house down below (Screenshot). From there, levitate south across the canyon and you find the hidden camp.

    Description and screenshots taken from German thread.
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    Today, i found where Doyle goes. someone mentioned somewhere that in his replay he followed him, & i was curious too.
    So i played 2 hours on the 360 version waiting for him to leave. you can wait forever, the weather doesnt seem to change but if you goto cid, autosave kicks in & by the time you get back he's gone or you can sleep a day or 2 he vanishes.
    the writing in the monestary. Someone wrote a rune like alphabet, but has anyone translated anything?
    or got a new location?
    or do you want to keep your discovery to yourself, thats fine with me, i understand, maybe its for our own good
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    Reference my thread on this. It's somewhat similar and would likely cover a lot of "places" you're looking for.

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